SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Formerly Food Stamps)

The SNAP program is designed to promote better nutrition for low-income families by increasing their food purchasing power. If you live in Wythe County, you would apply at our office. Applications are available at our office during regular office hours, or they can be mailed to you the same day of your request. Applications may also be downloaded or completed on line at the Virginia Department of Social Service's website @ or on line at

Each application is screened for entitlement to emergency service. If your application is screened as an emergency, eligibility will be determined within seven days. Regular processing is thirty days from the date of application.Eligibility for SNAP and the amount of the allotment varies according to the number of eligible household members, income, resources, deductions, and other eligibility factors.

SNAP allotments are based on the date that the agency receives your application. If you think you may be eligible, you should file your application immediately.

For more detailed information about eligibility requirements and to use the screening tool see:

Common Help @

Virginia Department of Social Services @

United States Department of Agriculture @