We serve high risk families with infants in order to strengthen bonding, attachment and self sufficiency.  We promote positive parenting, positive behavior and positive relationships.  We provide intensive family support services in order to prevent negative parenting patterns and abusive behaviors.  We provide support and assistance to parents struggling with troubled teens who may be battling substance abuse, truancy, or court issues.

Prevention services are an integral part of services intended to provide information and service to:

*  Strengthen their families

*  Promote child safety, well being, permanency stability 

*  Minimize harm to child


Primary Prevention:

Activities targeted to the community, including public educators, parent education classes and family support progress.


Secondary Prevention:

Activities targeted to families having three or more risk factors including families with substance abuse, teen parents, parents of special needs children, single parents and low income families.


Tertiary Prevention:

Activities targeted to families with either a confirmed or unconfirmed child abuse and neglect agent.


For additional information, please contact the program supervisor at 276-228-5493