Long Term Care

Screening Procedures & Application Process

If you or someone in your family needs nursing facility care or personal care in the home and cannot afford the cost, you can apply for Medicaid at the Wythe County Department of Social Services.

Eligibility Determination

An individual’s gross monthly income must be less than the private rate for care in a nursing facility or for personal care. The person’s resources (cash, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, etc.) cannot exceed $2000. Applicants with spouses have different income and resource rules and determinations than single individuals.


Pre-screening is the pre-authorization of Medicaid payment for covered Long Term Care services. A nurse from the local Health Department and an adult service worker from the Department of Social Services visit the patient to assess the level of care needed. This information is given to the local Health Department Director and a decision is made as to whether or not long term care is necessary. The pre-screening process may be completed by a hospital screening committee if the person is in an acute care hospital at the time the placement is needed.

Medicaid Provider

The nursing facility or personal care provider must be a Medicaid provider. If the individual is in a nursing home, he or she must be in a Medicaid certified bed. (Go to the DMAS Web site for a listing of Medicaid Providers.)

Patient Pay

The patient will have to pay a portion of the cost for his or her nursing facility care or personal care. The amount is based on their total monthly income with some allowances made for expenses such as personal needs, the cost of secondary medical insurance, and the amount needed for the maintenance needs of a spouse or minor dependent child in the community.

Steps in the Screening Process

  • Request a screening for nursing home, personal care, adult day care, etc. by calling Wythe Co. DSS at (276) 228-5493 or Wythe Co. Health Dept at (276) 228-5507.

  • The social worker or nurse will contact the family to confirm the appointment time to visit and complete the screening.

  • If you are approved, you will choose a provider from the “Medicaid Approved Providers” list given to you by the screening team.

  • After choosing an agency or facility, contact the Wythe County Health Department and have them forward the original screening forms to the nursing home, personal care agency, or adult day care provider that you selected.