Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services investigates reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults aged 60 and over and incapacitated adults over 18 years of age and provides services when persons are found to be in need of protective services. The goal of Adult Protective Services is to protect a vulnerable adult's life, health and property without a loss of liberty. When this is not possible, Adult Protective Services attempts to provide assistance with the least disruption of life style and with full due process, protection, and restoration of the person's liberty in the shortest possible period of time.

The adult has the right to make decisions on his or her own behalf until he or she delegates that responsibility voluntarily or the court grants that responsibility to another individual. Proper protection of adults may require the Department of Social Services to advocate for the right of the capable adult to make his or her own choices even when the community or family may oppose these choices.

To report suspected adult abuse, neglect or exploitation, call the Wythe County Department of Social Services at (276) 228-5493 during regular business hours. After business hours, cal the toll free hotline number 1-888-832-3858. In emergency situations, call 911.