Adoptive Services

The Adoption Program focuses on providing permanent homes for those children in the custody of the agency who are unable to be reunited with their birth families and whose parents’ parental rights have been terminated by the court. Legal adoption offers a child greater permanence and security than foster care, and continuity of nurturing relationships is critical to a child’s growth and development.

A social worker provides planning and case management services that focus on the child’s need to be in a permanent placement as soon as possible. The case planning shall recognize the importance of placing siblings in the same adoptive home; and shall consider foster parents with whom the child has developed emotional ties as a primary adoptive resource for the child.The primary focus is on “finding families for children, rather than finding children for families.”

For additional information, please contact the program supervisor at 276-228-5493.

Adoption Searches

The Department also conducts searches on behalf of adult adoptees over the age of 18, whose adoption was finalized in Wythe County. These searches are initiated upon the submission of an application for disclosure to the Virginia Department of Social Services, Richmond Office.

Foster/ Resource Parent Program

For further information please contact:
Adoption Supervisor at (276) 228-5493.

Adoption Services

We provide court-ordered home studies on families who meet income guidelines as well as home investigations and referrals for special needs children listed in the Adoption Resource Exchange of Virginia. For more information, please contact Wythe County Department of Social Services during office hours at 276-228-5493.